The new integrated professional assistance model for companies

ACBGroup SpA was born in 2000 from the idea of Luigi Guatri, Cesare Ferrero, Piero Gnudi and Victor Uckmar. The group is a consolidated reality made of Chartered Accountants, Legal Professionals, University Professors that joined forced while merging their decennial experience and expertise to give life to the first, innovative, integrated professional assistance model able to help and advise companies throughout their growth process.

Today, ACBGroup SpA includes 47 firms and can count on a team of 500 professionals with diversified sets of skills to cover each and every sector. The group is rooted in its territory and can advise all kinds of companies and organization in any phase of its economic cycle.

Thanks to its professionals, ACBGroup SpA can offer consultancy services as far as company law, tax-related litigation and pre-litigation, national and international contracts, M&A, extra-ordinary operations, company evaluations, management control, transfer price, bankruptcy procedures and management of company crisis, fiduciary services and generational turnovers, constitution and management of Foundations, constitution and management of start ups and innovative SMEs.

ACBGroup SpA is also the ideal partner to assist foreign companies that wish to penetrate the Italian market. The associated practises have strong connections with the territory and and can offer their know-how.

All activities are monitored by a central agency that manages all operations and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills between firms and professionals. Furthermore, such agency is responsible for the efficient organizational management and the problem solving of more complex issues.

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