The new integrated model of professional business support

ACBGroup is a community, a network, a model, a system of professionals offering advice and assistance to clients and companies at all stages of business.

ACBGroup in an ensemble of many people who share founding values, multidisciplinary skills, diverse backgrounds and complementary training to meet the needs of companies and markets.

ACBGroup is a synergy that 500 professionals, widely spread throughout the territory, have managed to achieve starting from the power of a bond that has featured them studying, collaborating, comparing, sharing knowledge and professional practice for over 20 years.

As a matter of fact, the idea of great masters and inspires, such as Luigi Guatri, Cesare Ferrero, Piero Gnudi and Victor Uckmar, dates back to then. They imagined the meeting and exchange of knowledge and skills between chartered accountants, lawyers and university professors to achieve a synthesis of excellence and a confluence of


Since then, due to its many internal expertise and due to a shared know-how, due to talent inclusion and teamwork, ACBGroup has been offering professional services and solutions to manage complexity, foster growth and generate value.

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