mercoledì 21 novembre 2018
Copyrights - (legal provisions – bottom of page)

The names of products and services that form a part of are property of ACBGroup and protected according to Law 929/1942 as amended, as well as by the regulations in force regarding unfair competition.


The trademarks used on are registered and protected by the current regulations in the area of trademarks and copyright. In particular, the Italian Code of Industrial Property provides broad protection for trademarks, prohibiting the use of trademarks, company names, signs or domain names that are identical, similar to or that copy the trademark of another person if, owing to the identity or the similarity between the activities, there is a risk of confusion for the public that could falsely believe that there is a link between the two trademarks, particularly if used to exploit the commercial success and the celebrity in the area the trademarks are active.

Therefore the use of the aforementioned trademarks or of their references in any way linked to is prohibited. If and when it identifies a violation of the copyright and trademark regulations described herein, ACBGroup will have no other choice than to enforce its rights by acting before the competent authorities, further requesting compensation for all moral and material damage suffered, as appropriate.