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For the first time, a large network of professional Firms has been brought together.
In 2000, under the leadership of Professors Luigi Guatri and Victor Uckmar, a group of professionals composed of representatives from some of the most important financial and commercial firms in Italy and leaders of the academic field founded ABCGroup, a consulting firm offering a competitive advantage which lies in creating synergy between a wide range of expertise and an integrated approach to business management. -->


ACBGroup’s principle goals are the promotion and development of its partners’ professional activities, by organizing various activities that aid the formation and exchange of respective professional areas of expertise (consisting of consulting and assistance for companies in the areas of finance, company matters, economics, technology, marketing, communication, tax planning, and intellectual property).


To achieve these goals ACBGroup may execute any activity that is pertinent to fulfilling its company objective, with the express exclusion of offering financial services to the public or any undertaking any commercial activities.-->

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Voluntary Disclosure: le differenze con lo scudo fiscale del 2009

Diritto 24  - 7.01.14 rif. Convegno "La voluntary disclosure: rischi ed opportunità dell'ultima possibilità di emersione dei ...

A Cremona ACBGroup: "La voluntary disclosure: rischi ed opportunità dell'ultima possibilità di emersione dei capitali, esteri e non solo."

Diritto 24 - 15.12.14


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Novità e storia non sono antinomie se un sistema e un marchio che lo identifica ci raccontano di esperienze e di aspettative, di ...

RASSEGNA STAMPA - Convegno "Modello Organizzativo D.Lgs. 231/2001 e Organismo di Vigilanza" Brescia, 6 Novembre 2014

L’organizzazione mette al riparo le pmi dalle responsabilità penali - Giornale di Brescia, 6.11.14

RASSEGNA STAMPA - Convegno "Internazionalizzazione ed innovazione nel sistema impresa" Torino, 10 Ottobre 2014

Scarica la rassegna stampa del Convegno "Internazionalizzazione ed innovazione nel sistema impresa" - Centro Congressi Unione Industriale di ...
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